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The development trend of the automatic screw assembly machine to accelerate the assembly industry

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The development trend of the automatic screw assembly machine to accelerate the assembly industry

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    Why the application of automatic screw machine becomes the trend of the future assembly industry

    Automatic assembly technology often serve other purposes, managers sometimes in some specific aspects of the operation or a limited set of movement, the mechanical engineering technology into the machine, so that through the pneumatic device and sequence control device, automatic screw machine also has the special purpose automatic operation function simply, is the general equipment into the special equipment.

     With the development of science and technology, it is an inevitable trend to replace some simple and repetitive jobs. Automation equipment will also open a new era of manufacturing.

     Of course, not the production of any product or any industry can use automation equipment. Mature use of automation equipment industry, the mass production process itself is suitable for pipeline automation, and the use of electronic automation equipment, more digital industry, but also depending on its production characteristics and process characteristics of the product itself and. According to the different situation, the enterprise also must measure own investment and the output ratio. Manufacturing of electronic products industry is not suitable for large-scale use of automation equipment, electronic product updates quickly, like notebook, intelligent mobile phone, a product life cycle within a year was eliminated, if with the product change and the frequent changes in production plan of setting up a production line and automation equipment, the cost may be they cannot come back.

     In the same sense of general equipment installation precision pneumatic equipment, has become automated assembly tools, automatic operation device and special device, provides a general mode of production and ultimately leads to mass production, they make the assembly industry increasingly simple, labor efficiency is high, the personnel management more convenient. This highly automated equipment such as automatic locking screw machine, it can be a common assembly by a very low wage workers to operate, do not need to have what he thought, also do not need skills, but in a very short period of time before the end of a person's work, and the automatic screwing machine itself contains many engineer, tooling and assembly lock setting purposes. This trend is the need of enterprise, but also the trend of the development of industrial modernization.

     The use of automation equipment means that large-scale industrial production, if the factory is not to find a balance point in the product standardization and mass production, then the automation equipment to replace the human may be a not affordable solution.

     Of course, it is not necessarily only large-scale production and large-scale plant layout to the use of automation equipment, small workshops of the same batch production can also be automated equipment. For example, the application of automatic locking screw machine, it is more suitable for the production and processing of small enterprises. The future of the plant space may be added to the production line due to automation equipment, and is no longer proportional to the expansion of personnel.

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