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The development of the manufacturing industry fully automatic screw machine

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The development of the manufacturing industry fully automatic screw machine

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     In the past, such as the production of a car, the first to design a production line, whether it is a production or production of 400 thousand cars, this investment is very large, the developing cycle is very long. If the prediction of customer preference is not accurate enough, it is in big trouble, because the production of the car design production line only. Today, all of the leading automobile manufacturing plant has a flexible production line, the production line has the ability, can produce two, three or even four models in the same production line. It is the complex automatic screw machine technology, the automobile production line to become flexible the characteristics of these lines is less rigid mold, so the market can respond flexibly to changes in various unexpected, and complex consumer demand.

     So the factory of the future will be more intelligence and visualization, human and machine interaction, like children and electronic game machine interaction. Evolution of consumer goods continue to occur in the technology will also reflected in the future plant. This is not a short period of time can occur. When the children after a labor force, they in the factory will bring experience is completely different from the people of this generation.

     Current situation of the development of the automatic screw machine for manufacturing industry in China

     Now the Chinese manufacturing may be worldwide automatic screw machine development speed is the fastest, where you can see the most advanced automatic screw machine equipment. However, Chinese manufacturing automatic screw machine degree, quantity and coverage degree, as developed countries.

     Manufacturing industry is developed in the labor-intensive mode. In China can see two extremes. On the one hand, the manual, labor-intensive, very old-fashioned production manufacturing continues; on the other hand you can see the most advanced steel mills and automotive manufacturing plants. In contrast, developed countries manufacturing industry in the industrial automatic screw machine development time is longer, so automatic screw machine cover broader.

     Faster development of the manufacturing industry fully automatic screw machine industry

     First, because it has a strong regulatory requirements and need to provide a lot of information to regulators and meet many of the provisions is manufacturing field of life science. This requires that each link in the production process have perfect information record. So manufacturers should not only automatic screw machine, but also to be able with the description and proof of every aspect of a production, in order to realize the automatic screw machine and information fusion.

    Second is the automotive industry, in this industry, if you can make production through customer needs, rather than through inventory to arrange production, then you will be highly competitive.

    And the third is the consumer goods industry, such as food industry. The characteristics of the industry, is a considerable part of the consumers and there is no clear point of consumption. Automatic screw machine can also help companies to ensure food quality, which related to the brand image. They need to have very stable production process, to ensure the quality of products is consistent, and ensure the safety of products in the process of packaging, bottling or canning, and so on.

    The significance of carrying out the automatic screw machine in manufacturing industry

    In today's world of information is too rich, consumer preferences and requirements change quickly. A product pass all customers of the era is over. For a country of manufacturing enterprises, it is faced with the pressure of global competition. Whether you want to sell their products to all parts of the world. If you want to remain competitive in this environment, it is necessary to continue to improve the productivity, and produce higher quality and in accordance with international standards of products.

    For the manufacturing industry has achieved highly automatic screw machine companies and countries, they enhance the productivity of the next is realizes the informationization. Intuitively, is the different departments of management can from anywhere easily and timely get production information he needs, help him quickly to make business decisions. This is connected, the optimization of production supply chain network customers - an important step in the. Through the automatic screw machine and information fusion, manufacturing enterprises can connects the suppliers and supply chain is very close, so as to shorten the time to market for new products and speed up the response to changing consumer preferences.

   The feasibility of the development of non-standard fully automatic screw machine

   For profit from OEM production in mining enterprises, from the shorter the information chain of market demand to production, the enterprise's cash flow, the better. If Apple and Foxconn's information to connect more closely, the more they can quickly for business decisions, and quick response the rapid change of market demand. In addition, if manual production costs have been high, it at least automatic screw machine transformation on the part of the production process.

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