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The feeder automatic lock screw machine introduction

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The feeder automatic lock screw machine introduction

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     The utility model discloses a lock screw machine automatic workpiece feeder, feeder side plate of the parallel feeder and the right lateral plate are vertically arranged on the bottom left and right sides of feeder, feeder plate front edge is arranged in front of the connecting plate feeder, feeder side connecting board at both ends are respectively fixed on the left and right side plate feeder plate feeder the feeder, the left side plate and the right side plate feeder on the edge of the card feeder respectively then slide, slide through the feeder feeder guiding battens compressed and fixed by screw feeder guide strip is fixed on the left and right side plate feeder feeder plate of the upper edge of the base plate is connected with a feeder, feeder drive mechanism, the feeding ends of the driven shaft through the bearing. Installed on the left side plate and the right side plate feeder feeder feeder drive mechanism after Department of. By the way, the utility model can replace manual mounting screws, each screw is installed under the same torque, effectively prevent slided and workpiece scrapped.

     Screw is relatively broad and important role of parts assembly of industrial products, in the assembly process of industrial products, lot of screw assembly need manual, mechanical assembly operations is still highly labor intensive. In the manufacturing industry in the assembly automation degree directly affects the efficiency of the enterprise, the stability of product quality, in order to improve the assembly quality of the thread connection of the workpiece. Using automatic lock screw machine not only can improve the working efficiency of, and for improve screw connection also have a great role in promoting. Below is a brief on how to improve the stability of the products, we carry out the research.

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