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Optimization of screw tightening speed by fully automatic screw machine

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Optimization of screw tightening speed by fully automatic screw machine

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    Automatic screw machine, which comprises a fixed disk and send feeding turntable, defects detecting device, a movable screw nozzle, a screw propulsion mechanism, a screw seat U-turn device. In order to make the processed parts can be orderly feeding and positioning, the fixed plate is provided with a U type groove and a feeding turntable which is fixed on the U type groove of the fixing plate through a bearing. In the fixed disc and the feed turnplate above one side of the with screw mouth, feeding gap, gap are arranged on the fixed disc, retaining material roof in a material gap and the fixing disc connected, defects detecting unit is connected with the send feed tracks in feeding gap, to send material rotary parts of pre detection. This fully automatic screw machine, can greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce production costs and labor intensity of workers, so that the production process is more reasonable, the product quality is a big step forward.

     In order to improve the assembly quality of the threaded connection of the workpiece need to optimize the screw speed automatic locking screw machine. According to the dynamic characteristics of screw assembly, tighten the screws of the equation is derived. Analysis of the reliability of the assembly process, the screw assembly capacity, coupling influence quality, power consumption, the screw assembly process of tightening speed optimized. Making automatic locking screw machine design and experimental device, the optimal speed of screw tightening. Experimental results show that under the same conditions, there are different optimal speeds in different stages. The screw threads in the assembly process, in order to adopt the best speed different tightening, tightening torque applied can be reduced. When tapping the power consumption is reduced.

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